How can I move my Daylite database from one computer to another?

Important: Daylite & Billings Pro Self-Serve Support Ends February 28, 2019. Read Announcing Our Goodbye To Self-Serve for more information.

Managing your own server may require you to move your database and server from one Mac to another. Follow steps below to below to move from one Mac to another

  1. Sync all Daylite clients by going to File > Sync
  2. Log out of Daylite by going to File > Log out
  3. In the login screen click the cog icon choose Manage Recent Servers.
  4. Select your old offline connection and click the minus button to remove it. Click Done.
  5. Sync all iPhone devices.
  6. Log out of Daylite on your iPhone and iPad
    • Daylite 6 iPhone
      • Tap Home > Settings > Account > Log out
    • Daylite 6 iPad
      • Tap the gear Icon at the bottom > Account > Log out
    • Daylite 4 & 5
      • Home > Settings > General > Wipe Database
  7. Within Daylite Server Admin, go to the Licenses pane and note down your license code and serial number.
  8. Turn Daylite Server Off.
  9. Choose the Database pane and select "Backup Database" and create a backup of the database.
  10. Transfer the .dlbackup file to the new machine.
  11. Install Daylite Server Admin on the new machine.
  12. Launch Daylite Server Admin and select the option to Restore a backup.
  13. Go to the Licenses pane and add your license information.
  14. Turn Daylite Server On.
  15. Log in to Daylite.

If you are moving the database to a computer that already has Daylite Server Admin installed, then omit steps 10 and 11. Instead, in Daylite Server Admin, select Databases, click the Action- menu and choose Restore from a Backup and complete the restoration process. Once done, proceed to steps 12-14.

Note: Once the database is moved you must have all Mac and iOS devices log in to the new server. This will create a new local database for each device. Additionally, all devices with CardDAV and CalDAV configured will need to be reconfigured for the new server.

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