How can I recover my Daylite password?

If you have forgotten your Daylite password and are using Daylite Self-Serve you can recover it as it should be stored in your Daylite Keychain. Your Daylite password is secured by your Mac OS password.

  1. Select Finder from the Dock.
  2. Click on “GO” and then select “Utilities”.
  3. Search for the application "Keychain Access" and launch it.

4. In the search field, type daylite
5. Highlight the Daylite database name that you would like to recover the password from.

6. Select “Get Info” from the file menu to see the entry details.

7. Click on the “Show password” button. You'll need to enter the owner’s main keychain password (usually the same as your Mac's login password).

Your password should now be exposed.

If you are unable to recover your password you will need to reset your password.

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