How can I set up Daylite for automatic database backups?

Important: Daylite & Billings Pro Self-Serve Support Ends February 28, 2019. Read Announcing Our Goodbye To Self-Serve for more information.

Computer crashes, freezing, power outages, and other unexpected occurrences can cause corruption and dataloss on your server. If you're backing up regularly, you can protect yourself and save time by restoring your database from a backup.

Daylite Self-Serve makes backups easy and allows you to schedule exactly how often you backup your database.

How often should I backup my database?

Daylite Server Admin is set to automatically backup your database once a week, on Sunday at 2am. This time is based on the server's computer. With Daylite automatic backups, you can choose to backup on what days, and what hour of the day.

You can also perform manual backups. It is a good idea to do a manual backup before doing a software update, importing data or making large changes on your database. To do a manual backup check out How can I create a backup of my Daylite database?

Scheduling your backups

  1. Working from Daylite Server Admin, click the lock button and authenticate with a Mac OS X administrator credentials.
  2. Click Backup in the toolbar.
  3. Select a backup schedule to specify how frequently you want your databases to be backed up.
  4. Select the database(s) you want to backup.

Daylite Server Admin creates backups for the selected databases in the backup directory according to the schedule you've set up. The backup files created will have the file format "MyDatabase_2015-01-30_02-00.dlbackup" so they can be easily identified by the date and time the backup was created.

Alert! Time Machine backups cannot be used to backup your Daylite database. You must use the backup function in Daylite Server Admin to ensure a proper backup of your Daylite database.

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