How can I view and sort People, Companies, Projects, Opportunities, Tasks, and appointments in a list view?

Sorting is a simple way of arranging the data you have in the multi-column list view in Daylite

Let's take the example of people and perform a sort.

To do a normal sort

  1. Select People.
  2. Choose View > Multi-Column List.
  3. Click once in the First Name column header. The objects in the list are sorted.
  4. Click the column header again to change the sort direction. You can also do a second sort, third sort, and more.

Let's take the example of a second sort for people.

To do a secondary sort

  1. Right-click in the column-header and select Company. For ease of understanding sorting, keep the First Name and Company column headers right next to each other.
  2. Click once in the 'Company' header to sort the companies alphabetically. This is a normal sort.
  3. Option-click the 'First Name' header to do a second sort. The number "2" appears on the 'First Name' header to identify that this is a second sort. The first name of all the people displayed undergo a second sort.

In the above example, when you do the normal sort, companies are sorted alphabetically. When you do a second sort for the first names, each company is considered and the first names of the people for that company are sorted.

When sorting in the multi-list view, you can switch back to the list view and Daylite will preserve your sort settings. Simply sort the way you need, then click "view" and select "List".

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