How can I use Zapier to import new web leads into Daylite?

You can create Daylite contacts and opportunities automatically from your online form responses from new web leads using Daylite's Zapier Integration.

What You'll Need

  • A Daylite Cloud Account
  • A Zapier account. You can create an account here
  • An online form which you've set up to collect responses from new leads online

Creating a Zap

  1. In Daylite on your Mac, navigate to Daylite > Preferences > Keywords.
  2. Add a new keyword in Daylite that you will use for the incoming form submissions. In this example, we'll use Web Lead.
  3. Go to and search for Daylite in the search box.
  4. Select the zap to create Daylite opportunities and people that links with the online form service that you're using (e.g. Wufoo, Google Forms, Typeform). For this example, we'll use Wufoo.
  5. Follow the Zap instructions to log into your online form service.
  6. Now we can select your Daylite Cloud account to use with this Zap. If you haven't added your account to Zapier already, you can select Connect a new Daylite Account to do so. Once you've done that, we can now setup how we want to map the fields from the form and add additional text for the new opportunties and people we'll be creating in Daylite.
  7. Your Zap is now online! It will collect any new form responses and automatically create new opportunities for them in Daylite.
  8. To view these form responses, open Daylite and select All Opportunities. Then click on + in the bottom left corner of the app, and select New Opportunity Smart List. Then in the smartlist settings click on the + and add Keywords include and select the keyword we created earlier. You can now view the opportunities that the Zap created using this smartlist filter.

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