How do I add a PayPal link or button to an invoice?

You can add a PayPal link to an invoice, however, you cannot add a button. When a PDF is created by the Mac, it strips links that are within buttons.

Steps to add a PayPal link:

  1. In Billings Pro > Go to Design > New Template (If you already have a custom template, go to Edit Template)

  2. Pick a template that you have been using and use that as a starting point.

  3. In the edit window, pick the area you would like to add the payment information to. You can either put it below the totals, or above the invoice line items.

  4. Drag a strip from the left side menu to the area you want to put the details. You will notice the area will be highlighted behind where you drop this strip. The strip will automatically resize based on the contents of the box.

  5. Drag the text box into the strip. You can resize the text box to fill the strip.

  6. In PayPal, you can get a payment link. Copy and paste this full link into the text area, and then write the text you need before or after it.

  7. Format how you'd like and save the invoice template.

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