How do I create a backup of my Billings Pro database?

When using Billings Pro Self Serve it is important not only to keep regular backups but also perform manual backups when before making major changes to the database or to use when moving to a new server. These steps apply only to Billings Pro Self Serve customers as Cloud customers do not use Billings Pro Server Admin.

  1. Working from Billings Pro Server Admin, click the lock in the bottom left corner and authenticate using your MAC OS password. (This will unlock the server so you can make changes)

  2. click Database.

  3. Click Backup Database.
  4. In the pane that opens, click Backup.

Alt text

The default location for storing backups is Macintosh HD/Users/Shared/Billings Pro Server Backups.

Billings Pro database backups have a ".bpbackup" file extension.

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