How do I create a new database?

Important: Daylite & Billings Pro Self-Serve Support Ends February 28, 2019. Read Announcing Our Goodbye To Self-Serve for more information.

If you are completely new to Daylite, this is the place to begin. You will have to set up a brand new database.

  1. In the Daylite Server Setup Assistant, select Create a new databasecreating a database
  2. Enter the details. Click Create. creating a database in Daylite Creating a Daylite database
  3. When done, click Finish. Finish creating database

Daylite Server Admin application opens and the server is automatically turned On. The next step is to configure Daylite Server Admin. You must click the lock and authenticate with a Mac OS X administrator credentials to make further changes. Please read the related article about "How to set up Daylite Server Admin".

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