How do I create my own numbering format for invoices, Estimates and statements?

Billings Pro's format for estimates invoices and statements all start at 1 and counts up from here by default. You may be required to change this format by law, or you may simply prefer a different format. With Billings Pro's number formatting preferences this can be done easily.

When making your own number format, your Billings Pro estimate invoices or statement's number is divided into two sections, Numbering and Prefix.


  • The actual number of your invoice statement
  • Can be any number
  • Increments by 1
  • Can be changed to previously used numbers if you are recreating pervious estimate invoices and statements
  • By adding additional 0's in front of the invoice number you can add number padding so that your invoices look like 02, 002, 002 Etc


  • Text, numbers or a combination of both that will precede the actual estimate, invoice and statement number
  • Common examples of this would be the date the format has been made, a clients name or even your companies name
  • By using specifiers in the table below you can automate the output of your prefix
Text Specifier
Date as MM/DD/YYYY %date%
Current Year as YY %Y%
Current Month as MM %m%
Current Day as DD %d%
Current 24 Hour Time %H%
Current 12 Hour Time %I%
Current Minute %M%
Current Second %S%
Project Code* %projcode%
Project Name %projectName%
Client Name % clientName%
The project extra field 1 %extra1%
The project extra field 2 %extra2%
The project extra field 3 %extra3%
The project extra field 4 %extra4%

*If your project does not have a project code than the invoice will have %projcode%added as the prefix instead.

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