How do I export a list of contacts from Daylite with multiple filtering criteria?

First you will need to organize your contacts in the list view, and then export them from Daylite.

For this example we will say you want to organize your contacts by their name, email address, and in a specific city. This would be helpful if you want a printed spreadsheet of people to visit when you're on the road and targeting a particular city.

To organize contacts by name, email address, and city:

  1. Select "People" from your Contacts tab
  2. In the menu bar, click "view" and select "Multi-column View"
  3. Right click or Secondary on the column headers and select the fields you wish to export. i.e.: company, email 1 city etc. You can re-arrange the headers by dragging and dropping them in place.
  4. Once you have it laid out the way you wish to see it, select the records you wish to export and choose File > Export > Export visible columns and rows to file.

To export this list from Daylite, watch this video and follow along.

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