How do I find my Daylite Self-Serve backups?

Important: Daylite & Billings Pro Self-Serve Support Ends February 28, 2019. Read Announcing Our Goodbye To Self-Serve for more information.

As Daylite Self-Serve customers, you must manage their own database and backups. Knowing where your backups are stored is important when you need to move your database or restore from a backup.

To find your Daylite backups using either Daylite Server Admin or directly in Finder.

Using Daylite Server Admin

  1. Open Daylite Server Admin
  2. Open the Lock in the lower left corner with your computer admin password
  3. Select the database pane
  4. Click on the arrow button

Now a Finder window will appear showing your Daylite Backups

Using Finder.

  1. Open Finder
  2. In the search bar type .dlbackup
  3. Select "This Mac" to search the whole Mac

Now you should see a list of all Daylite backups

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