How do I install Daylite Server Admin?

This article will help you choose which computer to install Daylite Server Admin on.

You only have one Mac

If this is your case, then you must install Daylite Server Admin on your only Mac. Daylite will also have to be installed on the same Mac. Choose which computer to set up Daylite Server Admin on.

You have multiple Macs

If this is your case, then you must dedicate one of those Macs as the server computer and install Daylite Server Admin. You can install Daylite on the remaining computers and connect to the database on the server. We recommend installing Daylite Server Admin on a computer that is stationary (doesn't change physical location).

After designating a computer for Daylite Server Admin

To begin with, do the following:

  1. Download Daylite Server Admin
  2. Double-click the Daylite Server dmg to open it and run the installer. When done, click Close.
  3. Launch Daylite Server Admin. The Daylite Server Setup Assistant opens. The setup assistant opens only the first time you launch Daylite Server Admin.

At this point, you are presented with 3 different options and you must select and proceed with the appropriate one.

  • Create a new database.
  • Restore a backup.
  • Migrate from Daylite 5.

Select and follow the appropriate related article depending on your needs.

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