How do I migrate from Billings Pro Self-Serve to Billings Pro Cloud?

Important: Once you migrate from Billings Pro Self Serve to Billings Pro Cloud, you cannot migrate back to Self Serve.

Below are the steps to migrate from Self Serve to Cloud.

  1. In Billings Pro Server Admin, choose File > Migrate to Marketcircle Cloud.
  2. In the window that opens, enter your details and click Contact Me. Migrate to Cloud
  3. When done, click Close.
  4. Marketcircle will email you once your request has been received. They will require:
  5. your switchboard ID if you have one
  6. Your desired company ID. Please have a couple ready incase your first choice is taken
  7. Who the administrator on the account will be.

    Before Proceeding to the next steps, please ensure that all users have synced to the server on Mac and iOS.

    The screenshots below will show you where to check that all devices have synced.

    Billings Pro Mac

    Check each offline and make sure the last sync date is current. billings pro server admin database screen

    Billings Pro on iOS

    Check each registered device and make sure the last sync date is current. billings pro server admin touch server
  8. Once your company ID has been confirmed by Marketcircle, you will receive an email saying that your account is ready. Open Billings Pro Server Admin and turn the server off. Then Click on the link in the email to start the migration process. (Only click the link once. It may take a minute or two to process before the progress window pops up)

  9. A window will pop up in the Billings Pro Server Admin app. Click on the Begin Transfer button. Begin Transfer to Cloud
  10. Once the migration is complete, you'll see a window with your company ID and a link to access Timecard. Please note that you should uninstall Billings Pro Server at this time. Click Done.

Migration Complete

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