How do I migrate from Billings to Billings Pro Cloud?

The migration to Billings Pro Cloud requires you to migrate to Billings Pro on the same computer that has your Billings 3 database.

Make sure you are using Billings 3 is running on version 3.7.8 from the following link here

If Billings resides on a different computer, you will need to move it to the new computer first.

Here are the steps to Migrate:

  1. Make a backup of your Billings database (File -> Backup…).
  2. Quit Billings.
  3. Create a Billings Pro Cloud account
  4. You should receive a confirmation email titled "Welcome to Billings Pro"which will contain your account credentials and provide you with download links for Billings Pro.
  5. Download and install Billings Pro
  6. Once installed, launch the application.
  7. Enter your credentials when prompted in the login window:
    • Company ID
    • Login Name
    • Password

Click "Log In" to proceed:
BP Login window

  1. You will be presented with the Billings Pro Setup Assistant - Migrate from Billings 3 screen.

    Click the "Migrate Now" button to migrate your Billings 3 data to your cloud account.

    Important: This process may take a while depending on the size of your Billings database. Do not force quit Billings Pro during this step.

    Migrate from Billings 3 screen

  2. Billings Pro will automatically log you into your cloud account once the data has been successfully migrated.

If you experience any problems creating a cloud account or migrating your Billings database, please submit a support ticket.

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