How do I migrate from Billings to Billings Pro Self Serve?

Migrating your Billings 3 database will move the Billings information on this Mac to Billings Pro Server Admin. You should create a backup of your Billings 3 database before performing the migration.

Below we will outline the steps to do this.

Please note that backups made from Billings 3 versions 3.6.1+ are supported.

  1. Sync Billings Touch with Billings 3 on your Mac (applicable to Billings Touch users only).
  2. In Billings 3, create a backup of your database by choosing File > Backup. Note: If you are installing Billings Pro Server on a different computer, please follow these instructions).
  3. Download and install Billings Pro Server Admin on the server machine.
  4. Launch Billings Pro Server Admin. This will open the Billings Pro Server Setup Assistant. Billings Pro Server Setup Assistant
  5. Select the Migrate from Billings 3 option. From here, simply follow the on-screen instructions and your database will be migrated for you.
  6. Once the migration is finished, the setup assistant will take you through the rest of the first run setup.
  7. Download and install Billings Pro on the client machine(s) and connect to your database.

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