How do I remove old templates from Billings Pro?

While your templates could be stored in the default location set by Billings Pro, it's possible that your templates were stored in a custom location. Depending on where the templates are stored, there are two ways to remove templates from Billings Pro.

Templates stored on Local Computer

The template is stored in locations such as on the Desktop, in the Downloads folder or in User/Library/Application Support/Billings Pro/Templates. In these cases, you must go to that location and delete the template manually. In a custom configuration you may have selected a different location than the above choices.

If you are using OSX 10.7 or newer, the User Library folder is hidden by default. To access this folder, press [command]+[shift]+[G] keys. Alternatively, go to the Finder window, hold down the [option] key, and choose Go > Library.

Templates stored in the Database

The template must be removed via the Billings Pro Preferences.

  1. Choose Billings Pro > Preferences.
  2. Click Templates.
  3. To remove a template, select it from the list and click the "-" button.

This will remove the template from the database upon the next sync.

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