How do I reset my Billings Pro password?

Below are the steps to reset your password for a worker. Follow the steps for the database type you have, either Cloud or Self-Serve.

Billings Pro Cloud

  1. Open a browser and go to your Billings Pro control panel (
  2. Click on the forgot password link and enter your username.
  3. Wait for the reset password email to arrive in your inbox
  4. Follow the onscreen steps to reset the password

If you have forgotten your username contact your Billings Pro account Admin. This is usually someone who set up the account, manages payment or the IT admin at your office.

If you are the admin user on your account, please contact us and we can help with your account details.

Billings Pro Self Serve

Billings Pro workers will need to speak with someone who has access to the Billings Pro server.

If you can access the Billings Pro server follow the steps below

  1. Open Billings Pro Server Admin
  2. Unlock the padlock in the bottom left corner
  3. Go to the workers tab.
  4. Select the worker you need to update.
  5. Change their password
  6. Provide the worker with their new details.

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