How to set Billings Pro to detect when I am idle

By checking if your keyboard and mouse are in use, Billings Pro can detect when you're Mac is idle. You'll never have to worry if you've stopped your timers again!

By setting an idle time Billings Pro can:

  • Warn you that Billings Pro is idle and ask if you wish to stop your timer
  • Pause your timer automatically
  • Continue timing without warning

This can be help you bill your clients by only timing when you're working and avoid any guess work if you walked away from your desk without stopping your timers.

To set the idle time and what behaviour happens open Billing Pro > Preferences > Timers. Now you can choose your desired behaviour.

Tip: Billings Pro will continue a timer even when the Mac goes to sleep. You can disable this by checking Pause timers when computer goes to sleep

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