How do I upgrade from Daylite 4 to Daylite 5?

Getting Prepared

**Note: Installing Daylite 5, Daylite Mail Assistant 5 and Daylite Server 5 will overwrite your existing 4.x applications. Once you have upgraded to Daylite 5, you will also need to install Daylite 5 for iOS in order to connect to your database.

Please ensure that Daylite on iOS has been synced with Daylite Server prior to performing the upgrade steps highlighted below. Failure to do so will result in the loss of data as you will not be able to sync or recover any changes from Daylite on the iOS device once Daylite Server has been upgraded.**

Upgrading Steps

Prior to upgrading, sync the local copy of Daylite on all Macs and iOS devices (if applicable). Also, if you have Daylite Server set to backup your database to an external hard drive, ensure that the drive is accessible.

  1. While logged in as a Mac OS X administrator on the server computer, download and install Daylite Server 5 by mounting the DMG and running the installer.
  2. When Daylite Server 5 is first launched, you will be prompted to update the database. Click "Update" to proceed. Alt text
  3. When the database updates have been applied, the Daylite Server application window will appear. Ensure the Daylite Server switch is ON.
  4. Install Daylite 5/Daylite Mail Assistant 5 by mounting the DMG and running the unified installer.
  5. When you launch Daylite 5 for the first time, an update will automatically be applied to the database (if there is a local copy). Alt text
  6. When the process has completed, you will be greeted with the Daylite 5 welcome screen. To resume working, simply click the Continue button.
  7. Launch Apple Mail. Daylite Mail Assistant will resume operation.
  8. Launch Daylite for iOS. A prompt will appear advising you that Daylite 5 is required. Tap Download to install Daylite 5 for iOS. (Alternatively, you can download Daylite 5 for iOS directly from the App Store)
  9. When the application has downloaded, launch it and log into your database.

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