How does Daylite handle attachments?

Important: Daylite & Billings Pro Self-Serve Support Ends February 28, 2019. Read Announcing Our Goodbye To Self-Serve for more information.

When you add an attachment to an email/note in Daylite, the attachment is saved in the local copy of Daylite and then sync to the server. Because file attachments are download on demand, other devices will only download from the server after choosing "Click to Download"

If the file being attached is over 20MB, it is recommended to add it as file reference instead.

A file reference is a file that is not saved to your database and instead the path to the file is stored. Any Mac that has access to the file path, either directly or over a network can then view the file. If you do not have access to where the file is stored, it will not be viewable.

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