How to Invite Users To Daylite

What is a Daylite user?

A user represents any person that has a user account to log-in to Daylite. Each active user will require a subscription or license seat assigned to it.


The first user account is created when you first sign up for Daylite and this will be the Administrator of your subscription and account. The Administrator account is the account that has full access to adding and removing users, devices as well is responsible for having a credit card for payments.

To add another user to our database you just need to send a user an invite. When you add a new Daylite user you will be billed immediately based on how many days you have until your next billing cycle. If you disable a user your account receives a pro-rated credit on the account for the remaining time.

Follow the steps below to invite a user to your Daylite database:

  1. Sign into your Daylite Account
    Alt text

  2. Click Users
    Alt text

  3. Click Invite User. Please note that this will affect the price of your next bill, as all users associated with an account are billed to one credit card.
    Alt text

  4. Enter in the email address of the person you wish to invite. That person will receive an email from Marketcircle, informing them that they have been invited to use Daylite. If your invitee does not receive the invite please have them check their junk mail folder.

  5. When the invitee clicks on “accept invitation” it will open to a page where they can enter their name and create a password to access their Daylite account.

  6. The invitee enters their information. When they click Accept, a new user is created.

  7. This will take them to a welcome page where they can download Daylite 6 to install on their computer.
    Alt text

Daylite Self-Serve

A Daylite User account is used to login to your database using Daylite. The first user account is created when creating your database. To setup additional user accounts follow the steps below:

  1. Open Daylite Preferences to User & Teams and select the Users tab. Alt text

  2. Click the “+” button at the bottom left corner.Alt text

3.In the sheet that opens, enter the appropriate details. Each user account needs to have a Daylite Contact record associated with it. You can create a new Contact in Daylite, or use an existing one from within this drop down. Once filled in, click Add User.

Note: You cannot have spaces in the user name.Alt text

  1. Choose to activate the user.Alt text

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