How can I add sidebar items to the favorites bar

When using Daylite you can set up your favorite or most used often items in the Favourites Bar in a quick launch style.

To add an item to your favorites follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure the Favourites Bar is visible by selecting View > Show Favourites. The Favorites Bar will appear in the grey space at the top of the Daylite window
    Alt text

  2. Drag and drop any lists, or objects you would like to have quick access too. Folders are not permitted
    Alt text

  3. If you would like to remove a favourites shortcut, drag the item off of the Favorites Bar and release.

Once you have items on your Favorites Bar you can easily navigate using your keyboard.

Command+1 takes you to the first item on your Favorites bar.
Command+2 takes you to the second item on your Favorites bar.
This continues all the way up to #9.

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