How to Change a Billings Pro Workers Name

When using Billings Pro you may want to update a worker name to reflect the current status of your workplace. Examples of why you would want to do this is if someone changes their name, if the workers name was made with an error, or if a worker has a preferred name over their legal name.

While you can change a worker name if you are replacing one for another, it is better to deactivate the previous worker and create a new one. This way your historical records are more accurate and shows which slips were made past workers.

How you change a worker name depends on if you are using our Billings Pro Cloud or Self-serve option. Follow the steps below for how you use Billings Pro

Billings Pro Cloud

  1. Log into your control panel as an Admin worker by going to
  2. Along the top tool bar select Users
  3. Locate the worker you wish to change and choose Edit
  4. Update the workers details as desired and choose Save

Billings Pro Self-serve

  1. Launch Billings Pro Server Admin
  2. Click on the lock in the lower corner and add the Mac OS user name and Password
  3. Select the Workers pane
  4. Highlight the name of the user. Click 'Edit name or password'
  5. Update the workers details as desired and choose OK

By changing the workers name you will also be changing the log in name. This means that when logging in the worker will need to add the newly updated name. If the worker is logged into the database while the name is changed, they will be prompted to re-authenticate and will need to use the updated user name.

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