How to download and install an Industry Pack

Steps to install an Industry Pack:

You will need to have Daylite already installed on your Mac in order to install the Industry Pack.

If you do not have Daylite already installed on your Mac, visit our download page.

Important: You cannot remove the industry pack settings once added. If you want to trial the industry pack create a free Daylite Cloud account and review the new settings before committing.

  1. Download the Law Industry Pack and unzip the file (this contains the Industry Pack preset file and a PDF of the Daylite in Law Workflow instructions).
  2. Launch Daylite and log in to your database.
  3. Click and drag the Industry Pack file with your mouse and drop it onto the Daylite icon in your dock.
  4. An import preferences menu will open (please read instructions carefully).
  5. Check the appropriate boxes to decide which preferences you wish to import into your database.
  6. Click the 'Import' button (you may be asked to confirm with 'Import & Replace' depending on your selection)

Important: If you already have a database some imported preferences will overwrite your existing preferences. You can choose to skip over these if you already have the fields setup the way you want. The rest of the imported preferences will simply be added to what you already have entered.

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