How to export all my Daylite Cloud information

With Daylite Cloud your data is never locked in Marketcircle's Servers. Daylite Cloud gives you the ability to export a complete copy of your database.

How to export your database

  1. Log into a Daylite Cloud database as a Superuser
  2. Select Daylite > Preferences > Cloud
  3. Choose Export All Data...
  4. Choose either "Export", or "Update Previous"
    • Export - Create a new export of your database
    • Update Previous - Update a previously created export with changes since last export
  5. Choose where to save the export

When you export your database you will have a folder with the following items:

  • Data.sqlite - Complete copy of database tables with all records
  • Files - A folder containing all files in the database
  • Log.txt - Log to help diagnose export issues
  • Metadata - Data for resuming and updating exports

Viewing your exported database

Your database is exported as a SQLite database file. This is an industry standard format and can be viewed and verified in many programs. An open source application that can open the SQLite database is DB Browser for SQLite.

If you're looking to move your data to another application or solution, you can contact the support team of that app to import from this exported SQLite file.

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