Can I access my Billings 3 database after upgrading to Billings Pro?

If you would like to review your data in Billings 3, or just revert back to Billings 3 after you have migrated to Billings Pro, simply follow the steps below:

Please ensure that Billings 3 is quit before you continue.

  1. Open Finder.
  2. From the menu bar select Go > Go to folder...
  3. Type the following line and hit the Go button: ~/Library/Application Support/ Alt text
  4. Rename the "Billings Migrated..." folder to "Billings".
  5. Launch Billings 3

Note: Reverting to Billings 3 will only restore your Billings 3 database to the way it was prior to the migration into Billings Pro.

Any information that you added into Billings Pro will not be transferred back into Billings 3 automatically. To do this you will need to export any missing slips from Billings Pro and import it into Billings 3.

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