How to set primary phone numbers, addresses and email addresses in Daylite

When entering multiple phone numbers, email addresses or addresses for a person or company, you can set "Primary"and "Secondary" statuses (this is handy for when your using email shortcuts to send emails, adding certain address information to Letter Templates or printing out envelopes or labels).

In order to set this up, simply follow along with the steps below. We'll use Email Addresses as an example here:

  1. Go to People under Contacts
  2. Select the Person > click edit (located at the bottom of their profile)
  3. Hover your cursor over the Email Address field, and you will notice "..." will appear on the right
  4. Click on that, then click on the drop down arrow that appears, and select 'Set as Primary'
  5. This will move that Email Address to the top of your list and become the primary email address for that person.
  6. Select Done to save the changes.

Set Primary Email

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