I am trying to connect to Daylite remotely and I cannot login.


When trying to connect to Daylite remotely, you receive the following error

Alt text

Why is this problem occurring

You may be experiencing this issue if Daylite cannot view your database remotely


Re-type the address and press the [Tab] button on your keyboard to see if your database populates in the drop down menu

If the database doesn't show up and it still displayed a red "x", then the following steps will need to be preformed on the computer and network hosting the Daylite Server Admin database.

  1. Verify whether you have configured Daylite for internet access properly. See the related article links below for steps on how to setup Daylite for remote access.

  2. Check whether the following ports are open: port 6180, 6181, 6182, 6183, 6185, 6188. To do this, visit canyouseeme.org and run a port scan. If the above ports are not open, these will need to be opened from within the Admin software of the router that the Daylite Server Admin database is connected to.

  3. Once you confirm that all the required ports are open, launch Daylite and connect to your database remotely using the same public address you have set up in the Network pane of Daylite Server Admin.

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