I can't connect to my Switchboard account (via Timecard)


When trying to access Timecard via your Switchboard address the page does not load.

Why is this problem occurring

There could be a problem with Billings Pro Server or the address being used.


There are a few steps you could try to get things back up and working. If these steps don't resolve the problem, please contact the support team.

  • Launch Billings Pro Server Admin.
  • Navigate to the General Tab, and ensure the server is "Off."
  • Shut down Billings Pro Server Admin.
  • Start up Billings Pro Server Admin.
  • Navigate to the General Tab again, and turn the server to "On."
  • Navigate to the Network Tab, and click on the date beside "Last IP Update."
  • This will update Switchboard with the IP address of your server.
  • Go to your browser and clear the cache.
  • Remove any Billings Pro cookies from your browser.
  • Go back to Billings Pro Server Admin, and navigate to the general tab.
  • Under the Timecard section, click the link beside "URL" to navigate yourself to Timecard. You'll be presented with one of the two following options:

  • Switchboard Link - https://switchboard.marketcircle.com/SWITCHBOARD_ID

  • This will be active if you're currently logged into your Switchboard Account in the Network Tab of Billings Pro Server Admin.

  • Direct Link - https://COMPUTER_NAME.local:7118/timecard

  • This will be active if you're not connected to Switchboard.

  • Accept the SSL certificate that pops up when trying to access Timecard. Based on your browser, you may need to click on a few more "Accept" buttons.
  • Finally, log into your Timecard using your worker credentials.

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