I have been testing Billings Pro and would now like to migrate my Billings database

The Billings to Billings Pro migration process occurs when both of the following cases are true:

  • This is the first time you are logging into Billings Pro
  • There is a Billings database on the computer and Mac OS user that you're using when logging into Billings Pro

Because of this, if you have logged into a Billings Pro without migrating right away you cannot attempt to migrate afterwards. If you are interested in migrating your Billings database to Billings Pro you have two options:

  1. Create a new Company ID by signing up for Billings Pro a second time
  2. Contact Marketcircle Help for assistance removing the test account

If you have slips in your testing account that you wish to keep you will need to export them and then import the data after migrating. Any estimates invoices, clients, payments or other items will need to be recreate.

If you have credit card information added to your test account, please contact Marketcircle Help for assistance removing this information.

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