I upgraded to Daylite 6, but would like to revert back to Daylite 5?


You're a Daylite 5 Self-Serve user who has upgraded to Daylite 6. You would like to revert to Daylite 5, however data has been entered over a period of time and synchronized between your devices. You would like to know how to downgrade to Daylite 5 without losing any changes since the upgrade.

Important Information If you are using Daylite 6 and considering downgrading to Daylite 5, you can do so at any time. However any changes made in your Daylite 6 database (Mac and iOS devices) cannot be transferred to your Daylite 5 environment.


A backup file was created prior to updating your database for use with Daylite 6. This can be restored for use in Daylite 5. The file is location is Hardrive -> Users -> Shared -> Daylite Server 5 Backups. We strongly suggest that you confirm that the backup file exists prior to proceeding.

Follow the steps below to restore a Daylite 5 environment.

  1. Sync the local copy of Daylite on all Macs and iOS devices (if applicable).

  2. In Daylite Server Admin

    • Turn Daylite Server switch OFF. Note: To make changes, click the lock icon and enter the credentials of a Mac OS X administrator.
    • Make a backup of your database. To do this, select Database, click Backup Now followed by Backup. This process will create a backup of your current Daylite 6 database in the event that you would like to return to Daylite 6.
    • When the backup has completed, quit Daylite Server Admin.
    • Using the Finder, navigate to the Applications folder. Trash the file titled "Daylite Server Admin".
    • Using the Finder, navigate to HD > Library > Application Support > Daylite Server 4. Trash the file titled "Daylite Server.bundle".

  3. In Daylite on the Mac
    • Log out of your database by selecting File - > Log Out
    • At the log in screen, select Manage Saved Logins...
    • Remove the saved login by clicking the "-" button
    • Click Done to retract the window
    • Repeat this action until there are no active connections
    • Quit the application
    • Quit Daylite and Apple Mail

  4. In Daylite on your iOS device(s)
    • Access the settings menu
    • Tap Account
    • Tap Logout
    • When promoted are you sure you want to log out, tap Log Out
    • Quit the application

  5. Download and install Daylite Server 5 by mounting the DMG and running the unified installer.

  6. In Daylite Server Admin

    • Unlock the application
    • Turn Daylite Server switch OFF
    • Select Databases
    • Click Advanced
    • Click Delete
    • A prompt will appear confirming if you would like to delete you primary database? Click Delete to proceed

  7. Click the New Database pulldown bar and select Restore from Backup. Search for the file that ends with "pre-V6.0_upgrade.dlbackup". This is the backup that was created prior to the Daylite 6 upgrade. i.e Daylight_2015-11-01_12-00_pre-V5.0_upgrade.dlbackup. Highlight the database and click Select.

  8. When the backup has been restored, turn Daylite Server ON.

  9. Click on Licenses. Click Add License and enter you Daylite license key.

  10. Download and Install Daylite 5/DMA 5 by mounting the DMG and running the unified installer.

  11. Launch Daylite and log into your database. When you have done this, launch Apple Mail. If the following prompt appears in Daylite, click OK and attempt to log into your database again.
    Alt text

  12. Download and Install Daylite for iOS 5 Launch Daylite on your iOS device and log into your database.

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