Billings Pro Server Admin - Error Code 300


I'm receiving the following error 300 when launching Billings Pro Server Admin:

Alt text


We highly recommend contacting the Marketcircle Customer Service Team along with the following requested information:

  1. Billings Pro Server Admin Version

  2. Attach the Billings Pro server logs when submitting your ticket
    • Open Finder and along the menu bar select Go > Go to Folder
    • Copy/Paste the following text:

      /Library/Application Support/Billings Pro Server

    • Select the Logs folder and choose along the menu bar choose File > Compress logs
    • Attach the newly created file in the ticket submission form

  3. When/if the affected machine was recently restored with Time Machine or Migration Assistant

Include any additional information as to what may have happened before you received this error i.e Was there a blackout? Improper computer shut down? Hard drive crash?

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