I get a prompt asking for CalDAV or Contacts Password


After setting up Calendar or Contact sharing you get a message asking you for a password:

Daylite Cloud Daylite Self-Serve


Daylite Cloud

This message may appear if you have removed the account from the Daylite Cloud account manager. If you have done this you will need to remove the account from your Mac.

If you haven't removed there may be an update on the Cloud Status page that explains why you are receiving this message.

If the issue continues and there is no update on the Cloud Status contact our customer support team.

Daylite Self-Serve

This message can be safely ignored. This is related to how Daylite DAV and macOS talk to each other and does not indicate a problem. Typing in the password will not change the results. Instead, click cancel and avoid clicking on the DAV account in this window unless you wish to remove it.

If you have updated your username, password or server address, please remove the account and add the Calendar or Contact account again.

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