Industry Pack for Financial Services

Daylite is the ideal solution for professionals in the financial services industry to keep in touch with clients and manage deals on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Stay in Touch with Your Clients

Daylite makes it easy to organize your contacts and stay in touch with your clients. Get reminders of upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates so you can easily keep in touch. Capture referrals, relationships between contacts, and even hobbies and interests. Your clients will think you have an incredible memory.

Manage Your Client's Portfolio

Easily add and review policies for each client. All the information about your client's portfolio, goals, and opportunities are in one place. Visually track where you are with each client so you know what policies have been purchased, what paperwork has been signed, and when you need to review with them.

Be Prepared for Meetings

Always know what's coming up on your schedule, who you're meeting with, where, and what about. Easily attach notes to your client meetings from your iPhone or iPad during the meeting so you can reference later. Have a full history of all past and future appointment with your clients as well as the details for reference.

Take Your Work with You

With Daylite on your iPhone and iPad, you can access all your information no matter where you go. Schedule a client meeting when you're on the go, capture details about their financial history while you're in the meeting, and schedule a follow up task all from your fingertips.

Download the Industry Pack

Click the download button for the Industry Pack and read this article for instructions to install.


Please Note: Some fields such as custom fields will be replaced. If you do not want to replace your existing custom fields, just un-check the box when you import the preset file.

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