Industry Pack for Recruiting

Daylite is the ideal solution for recruiting agents to manage candidate and job processes on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Manage Communication with Clients and Candidates

View a detailed history of communication with your clients and candidates to see important emails, calls, past job orders, interviews, and more- all in one place. Easily refer back to an email or note from a call so you're always on point when talking to your clients.

Find the Right Candidate Fast

Easily filter through your contacts to find candidates by specific job skill, field of work, and even area. Daylite categories and keywords allow you to organize your contacts by multiple ways so you can create a targeted list of possible candidates in seconds.

Collaborate on Job Placements as a Team

Keep everyone in the loop about what stage each job order is in, who's involved, and the next steps. Delegate tasks to team members and get notifications when the task is completed.

Schedule Meetings and Interviews Easily

Stay on top of your schedule with Daylite's shared calendar. See your whole team's calendar at once so you can schedule meetings without conflict. Be prepared for interviews by having all the related contact information, emails, and position details linked to the appointment.

Take Your Work With you

Manage your schedule, contacts, and job orders all from your iPhone or iPad when you're on the go. Take notes on your iPad or iPhone during an interview with a candidate and link them to the job placement so nothing gets lost.

Download the Industry Pack

Click the download button for the Industry Pack and read this article for instructions to install. You will need to have Daylite already installed on your Mac to use the Industry Pack.


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