My Billings Pro database appears to have stopped syncing. What can I do?


You have noticed missing data or old data that should have been updated in your Billings Pro Database.

Why is this problem occurring

Most often this is occurring because the sync process on one of the devices you use have stalled.


Try going to File > Sync on all devices to do a manual sync. When doing a manual sync, Billings Pro will attempt to stop and restart the sync process.

Next, if you still notice data not syncing update to the latest version of Billings Pro on all computers.

If data is still not syncing you can try to reset the entire sync system by doing the following on all computers:

  1. Quit Billings Pro do not log out
  2. Restart your Mac
  3. Once restarted open Billings Pro
  4. Go to File > Sync

If after following all these steps the issue continues contact our support team here.

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