How to Restore Your Daylite Sever after migrating with Migration Assistant or Restoring with Time Machine.

Important: Daylite & Billings Pro Self-Serve Support Ends February 28, 2019. Read Announcing Our Goodbye To Self-Serve for more information.

You cannot use Migration assistant to move your database or Time Machine to restore. Instead you need to restore from a Daylite backup.

If you have migrated with Migration Assistant or restored with Time Machine follow the steps below to access your server again.

Tip: If you have restored from Time Machine or moved your database with Migration Assistant already jump ahead to step 4.

Note: These steps are for Daylite Sever Admin 4, 5 & 6.

  1. Sync all Daylite clients to the server and log out of each
  2. Create a Daylite Server backup
  3. Erase or Restore your Machine with Time Machine.
  4. After the computer has been restored open Finder and from the menu bar select Go > Go to folder
  5. Copy/Paste

    /Library/Application Support

  6. Select the folder Daylite Server 4 and rename it OLD Daylite Server 4
  7. Restart your Mac
  8. Download your version of Daylite Server Admin
  9. Reinstall Daylite Server Admin
  10. Choose Restore from Backup by following the on screen instructions.

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