Slip Totals are Incorrect


When reviewing slips totals, either in the project view or on an invoice, the values do not seem to be adding correctly

Why is this occurring?

Most often this is occurring because the duration is being rounded up based on your billing increment and not because the value is incorrect.


To ensure that your slip values are what you or your client are expecting you can either round the duration on the slip to match what the calculation is based on or change your billing increment.

To round the slip duration based on the billing increment do the following:

  1. Select the slips you wish to invoice
  2. Along the menu bar choose Slips and then Round Time.

To change the billing increment do the following:

  1. Open Billings Pro Preferences
  2. Go to Identity & Rates
  3. Update your billing increment
  4. Recreate any slips you wish to have a different billing increment

*Note changing the billing increment change will not change already created slips.

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