Subscribing to external calendars in Daylite

What are subscribed calendars?

Subscribed calendars are non-Daylite calendars that you can add into Daylite. This is done by using the calendar's CalDAV account or with the calendar's URL directly.

Why should I add a subscribed calendar?

If you use calendars like iCloud, Google or other calendars you can quickly add them into Daylite so you can see all of your appointments in one place.

Adding an iCloud, Google or other CalDAV calendar

Note: Before you begin, set up your iCloud/Google/CalDAV calendars by going to the 'Internet Accounts' pane of System Preferences.

After you have added the subscribed calendar in Internet Accounts, add the calendars into Daylite by doing the following:

  1. Choose Daylite > Preferences.
  2. Click Calendar Sharing.
  3. Select the "In Daylite" tab.
  4. Click Add Account
    Note: If prompted follow the steps to enable Full Disk Access
  5. Choose the account you want to add
  6. Enter the account's password and click Add.

Now that the calendar account is added, you can choose which calendars from the account you wish to have appear by placing a check mark in the check box next to their name. For easier viewing, you can also set a color for the appointments in a calendar.

Important: Using 2-Step Verification

2-step verification adds an extra level of security to your account; it is required for iCloud and strongly recommended for Google accounts. Once you have 2-step verification enabled on your iCloud or Google account, you can create a calendar sharing App-Specific password.

Steps on adding an app-specific password for iCloud accounts can be found at Using app-specific passwords

Steps on adding an app-specific password for Google accounts can be found at Sign in using App Passwords

Now use the app-specfic password when adding your subscription calendar.

Adding a subscribed calendar using a URL

To add a subscription calendar using a URL, do the following:

  1. Choose Daylite > Preferences.
  2. Click Calendar Sharing.
  3. Select the "In Daylite" tab.
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  5. Click Add Account, and select “Subscription from URL.” Enter the calendar URL and click Add.
  6. You can then set a color to display the appointments belonging to the calendar.

Limitations with subscribed calendars

All appointments from subscribed calendars cannot be changed in Daylite. If you want to delete, edit or create new appointments for the subscribed calendar, you must do this from the calendar service's web interface or from another calendar application.

Syncing new changes can take upwards of 15 minutes depending on how frequent the calendar syncs with other services.

Any subscribed calendar added into Daylite will not appear in Daylite on the iPhone or iPad. If you need to see all your calendars in single place on the iPhone or iPad, try share your Daylite calendar.

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