Subscription and License FAQ

How can I purchase Daylite?

Daylite can be purchased as a subscription or license. Subscriptions are only available for Daylite Cloud and Licenses are available for Self-Serve. To help guide you on which is right for you, check out Cloud vs Self-Serve.

Your purchase includes Daylite for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone for one user as well as the Daylite Mail Assistant. Additionally, for Self-Serve users you need to install Daylite Server Admin on the server computer.

How does a Subscription work?

Daylite Cloud customers must add a subscription for each user that is active on the database. Each user will be charged to the same credit card. You can choose between subscribing to a yearly or monthly plan and this subscription will automatically renew. Additional costs may be required for additional storage.

How does a License work?

Daylite Self-Serve users need to purchase a license seat for each user that is active on the database. Your license includes all future point releases and as long as you continue to use Daylite on supported devices, you do not need to renew your license. Major releases of Daylite do require an additional purchase.

Am I limited to one device per user?

No, you can log into a single user on any Mac, iPhone and iPad that meets Daylite's requirements. You can be logged into each of these devices simultaneously.

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