Sync Failed - Error Code 100


Error 100 happens when Daylite cannot connect to your server. Go Cloud and say goodbye to error 100!

Daylite is reporting that it "Cannot Sync" and is producing "Error Code 100" when attempting to synchronize with Daylite Server Admin.

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Why is this problem occurring

This error means that Daylite is unable to connect to Daylite Server.


Attention: Below are steps to troubleshoot sync error 100. These should be followed in order to ensure the quickest solution

Daylite Server Admin Process Stuck

The first step when getting a cannot sync error is to launch Daylite Server Admin. If Daylite Server Admin does not open normally, troubleshoot this issue with help from our Help Centre

If the server has no issue launching then proceed to the next section

Daylite Server Admin Turned OFF

Daylite will not be able to sync if the Server is in the OFF position. If Daylite Server Admin shows to be in the OFF position turn it on.

Daylite 5 & 6
Alt text

Daylite 4
Alt text

If the server is turned on and you still cannot sync, proceed to the next section

Firewall Configuration

Your Mac OS or 3rd party firewall on the server computer may be blocking some of your Daylite Server processes. To confirm this we need to verify if your firewall is on, and if so try turning it off and syncing. Follow the steps below to check on the Mac OS firewall settings

  1. Launch System Preferences
    Alt text
  2. Go to Security And Privacy
    Alt text
  3. Firewall and Turn off your firewall
    Alt text

If you can sync after turning your firewall off check out this article for information on how to correctly configure your firewall.

If the firewall is off, or after turning it off and syncing still doesn't work proceed to the next section.

Hostname And Local Address Do Not Match

Daylite Server Admin’s Local address needs to match the server’s Local Host name. To confirm this follow the steps below

  1. Launch System Preferences
    Alt text
  2. Go to Sharing and confirm your computers host name.
    Alt text Alt text
  3. Open Daylite Server Admin and go to the Network Pane

Daylite 5 & 6
Alt text

Daylite 4
Alt text

If your host name already matches, as in the pictures above or by changing the hostname and you cannot sync proceed to the next section.

Daylite Is Using An Incorrect Network Address

Daylite may be trying to connect to a network address that is different than what Daylite Server and System Preferences shows. You can confirm this with the steps below:

  1. Go to Daylite Preferences
    Alt text

  2. Choose Database
    Alt text

  3. If Daylite's server address here does not match either the local network or internet address in Daylite Server Admin choose Edit Server Address and update Daylite.
    Alt text

If the issue persists after updating the server addresses, or the server addresses do match, keep the Daylite Database Preference window open and proceed to the next section.

The Server Is Not Reachable

The address where the server is located may not be reachable on the network you're on. This can be tested by using another program called terminal which is already on your mac to try and reach the server.

Follow the steps below to run terminal and test your network

  1. Open Finder
  2. Go to the Applications Folder > Utilities > and double click on Terminal.
  3. Type the following command replacing [Your Primary Address] with the primary address showing in your Daylite database preferences pane then hit return.

    ping -c 10

  4. Type in the primary address shown in the Daylite database preferences pane and hit return.

    Note: If you have both a primary and secondary address try the primary address first, then the secondary

    When this has finished check your packet loss. If you have more than 0.0% packet loss this is a networking issue. You will need to speak with AppleCare or your router manufacturer.
    Alt text

If you receive any packet loss this would indicate a networking issue. To resolve this please contact AppleCare or your router manufacturer.

If you are receiving 0% packet loss and you are connecting to the same network as the server submit a support ticket. If you are receiving 0% packet loss and are connecting on a remote computer proceed to the next section.

Remote Users Only

This section is for Daylite users who receive error 100 when syncing remotely. This means that you are not connected to the same network as the server computer. If you are not connecting remotely please submit a support ticket for more assistance.

To allow the database to be accessed remotely you need to reconfigure various aspects of Daylite, your network and potentially ISP services.

For more information check out our support articles on how to set up Daylite for remote access for Daylite 5 & 6 or Daylite 4.

If you already have this configured and Daylite does not sync, check out the steps below on how to diagnose sync error 100 when connecting remotely.

1. Running Multiple computers with Daylite Server Admin running.

Regrettably in this configuration does not allow for remote network configuration. This is because there is no way to isolate which database to access from outside the network. In this case, you will need to turn off one of the server's or consider not having either database remotely accessible.

2. Required Daylite Ports are not opened

If the ports required to access the database are closed you may receive error 100. Do the steps below to test if your ports are opened.

  1. Open your browser (eg. Safari)
  2. Go to
  3. Test each of the listed ports:
    • 6180
    • 6181
    • 6182
    • 6183
    • 6185
    • 6188
  4. If your ports are opened move on to the next steps. If they any are closed please try manually setting up your ports manually port forwarding and test again.

If the ports still show closed please contact your router manufacturer for assistance manually opening the ports.

3. Incorrect Internet Address

In Daylite Server Admin you must add the Internet Address which the server computer is connected to. The steps to determine if this is the correct address depends on if you are using an IP or Domain name. Follow the steps below depending on your configuration.


  1. Go to and verify your IP address.
  2. Launch Daylite Server Admin and go to the Network Pane. Confirm that the Internet address matches the IP address shows as "Your IP".
  3. If The do not match update the address by checking the network pane for Daylite 5 & 6 or Daylite 4.


If you are using a Dynamic DNS service like Dyn DNS or No.IP you will need to periodically update them with your new IP. Run the update to ensure that your Dynamic DNS is accurate. If you unsure how to update this check with your DYNDNS address service.

If none of these steps have helped resolve your issue please submit a support ticket.

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