Sync Failed - Error Code 102

Error 102 happens because Daylite cannot connect to your server because of a networking configuration error. Go Cloud and say goodbye to error 102!


Daylite is reporting an "Error Code 102" when attempting to synchronize with Daylite Server Admin.

Why is this problem occurring

The server computer's name has changed.

Potential Solution

Note: Before making any changes on Daylite Server Admin, click the lock button and authenticate with your Mac OS X administrator credentials.

  1. On the computer where Daylite Server Admin resides, launch Daylite Server Admin (Applications -> Daylite Server Admin).
  2. Switch to the 'Network' pane.
  3. Under the Local Network Access, locate your Local Address and make note of this.
  4. Open Apple System Preferences > Shared
  5. Locate your computer's Hostname (should end in .local)
  6. Compare your Local Address and the Hostname
  7. If these are different, in Sharing Preferences click Edit… and update your Hostname to match what Daylite Server Admin has for the Local Network Address

Daylite Server v4

Error 102-1

Daylite Server v5

Alt text

Apple System 'Sharing' Preferences

Error 102-2

If these steps helped to resolve this issue, we suggest that you read this recent article on CNET that discusses why the server's local hostname changed without any user intervention: Tackle a Mac's name changing with sequential numbers

If the problem persists after you have tried the steps above and verified that there isn't a local hostname discrepancy, please follow these additional steps to ensure your Daylite client machine is communicating with your server machine:

  1. In Daylite (where the syncing error is occurring), open your Daylite 'Database' preferences (select File -> Preferences… -> Database).
  2. Click the "Edit Server Addresses..." button.
  3. You will see two fields labelled "Primary" and "Secondary". Ensure your full local hostname address is stored in the primary field, and your server's remote address (if applicable) is stored in the secondary field.
  4. You can find these addresses within the 'Network' pane in Daylite Server Admin. Make the necessary adjustment(s). Click 'Change' when you have finished.
  5. Close the Daylite preferences window and then attempt a sync by selecting File -> Sync from the application menu bar.

If these steps still haven't helped, please initiate a support ticket via Daylite (Help > Contact Support) and make sure you include the log files.

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