Sync Failed - Error Code 103

Error 103 happens when Daylite cannot connect to your server because it is busy or a port is not open. Go Cloud and say goodbye to error 103!


Daylite is reporting an "Error Code 103" when attempting to synchronize with Daylite Server Admin.

Why is this problem occurring

Daylite is unable to connect with Daylite Server due to a process or processes which have become stuck, or due to a closed port which is required to enable the Daylite client to communicate with the Server.


  1. Toggle the Off/On switch to Off.
  2. After a minute, toggle the Off/On switch to ON.
  3. Launch Daylite Server Admin (found in the Applications folder).
  4. Unlock the application (click on the padlock located on the lower left-hand corner of the screen and authenticate yourself)

Daylite 5 Alt text Daylite 4 Alt text

Attempt a sync in Daylite by clicking "Retry Sync" or selecting File -> Sync from the Daylite menu bar.

If the problem persists, proceed to #2.

2. The required Daylite ports are not open

Perform the steps below to test if your Daylite ports are opened:

  1. Open your browser (eg. Safari)
  2. Go to
  3. Enter your public IP address or domain name in the "Remote Address" field. If you're unsure what this is, please refer to the "Public address" field located in the Network panel of Daylite Server Admin.
  4. Test each of the listed ports by entering them into the "Port Check" field and hitting the "Check" button: Alt text
    • 6180
    • 6181
    • 6182
    • 6183
    • 6185
    • 6188
  5. If all of the ports are opened, please proceed to #3. If any of the ports are closed, please verify your Router settings (Daylite Port Forwarding Setup Steps) and then run the port forwarding tester again.

If the ports still show as closed, please contact your router manufacturer for assistance manually opening the ports.

3. Contact Support

If none of the above these steps have helped resolve your issue, please submit a support ticket.

Ensure that you include the steps you have tried and send us a copy of the Daylite log files from the computer that is currently affected by selecting Help -> Save Log files from the Daylite menu bar. Save the logs files to your desktop and then attach it to the support ticket.

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