Sync Failed - Error Code 104


Daylite is reporting an "Error Code 104" when attempting to synchronize with Daylite Server Admin.

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Why is this problem occurring

This error is produced when Daylite is stuck in a particular state while communicating with Daylite Server.


We would like you to contact us if you are experiencing this providing the information below so that we can investigate this behaviour.

  • What version of Daylite are you using?

  • What version of Daylite Server Admin are you using?

  • Are you syncing remotely or locally?

  • Are other people in your database also experiencing this problem?

  • Generate Daylite and Daylite server logs by selecting Help -> Save Log Files.. from the Daylite and Daylite Server menu bar.

  • Attach a Daylite Sync Helper sample process by doing the following:

    1. Launch Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor).
    2. Choose 'Daylite Sync Helper' from the list of processes.
    3. Click on the gear cog icon and select 'Sample Process'.
    4. Save the Sample.

Please attach the process sample, Daylite and Daylite Server logs to your support ticket.

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