Sync Failed - Error Code 204

Info: This page is for legacy software and is not supported. This article will not be updated in the future. Go to for the latest version of Daylite.


When Using Daylite 4 or 5 Daylite is reporting an "Error Code 204" when attempting to connect to your database.

Why is this problem occurring

This error is produced when the Daylite client has been updated to a version that has a newer schema than Daylite Server Admin. For example, Daylite client has been upgraded to version 5, whereas Daylite Server is running version 4.

You can refer to this knowledge base article to find out which version of Daylite / Daylite Server is currently installed.


You have a couple of options on how you would like to proceed.

Option #1 - Revert to Daylite 4

Note: Any unsynced changes will be lost from Daylite. Please use this opportunity to manually write down any important data which can be input into Daylite afterwards.

  1. Log out of the database by selecting File > Log Out.
  2. At the log in window, click on the gear shaped icon on the bottom right hand corner and select Manage Recent Servers. Alt text
  3. Select a connection from the list and click on the "-" sign to remove it. Repeat this action until there are no active connections.
  4. Click Done to retract the window.
  5. Quit Daylite and Apple Mail
  6. Using the Finder, navigate to the Applications folder. Trash the file titled "Daylite".
  7. Download and install Daylite 4. The link for this version can be found in our downloads page.
  8. Launch Daylite and log into your database.

Option #2 - Upgrade Daylite Server

Follow the steps in the related article titled "How do I upgrade from Daylite 4 to Daylite 5".

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