The "Unbilled Clients" report shows slips that have not been invoiced from completed projects.


You have set a project state to "Completed." You have certain slips in this project that you did not invoice. When you run the "Unbilled Clients" report, even though the project has been set to completed, the unbilled slips belonging to the project are displayed.

Why is this problem occurring

Even though the project is complete the client is technically unbilled because of these outstanding slips.


This works as expected and is done to make you aware that even though you have finished a project there were certain slips that were not invoiced. If you wish to not display the unbilled slips from completed projects in the "Unbilled Clients" report, then please do the following:

  1. Select the project.
  2. Select the slip(s) that you've not billed and open them by double-clicking.
  3. Set the slip to "My Eyes Only."
  4. Run the "Unbilled Clients" report.

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