Understanding Invoice Limits

By understanding how your monthly limit is calculated, you can be more productive, prevent errors and have a more positive Billings Pro experience.

When using the Freelance plan for Billings Pro plan you are set up to create a total of 5 invoices and with the Free plan you can create 1. Your invoice limit is reset once a month based on the date that you signed up for your respective plan.

If you create an invoice in error, it will still count against your limit for that subscription cycle, even if you delete the invoice. To avoid creating an invoice that is incorrect, you can use the preview option in the invoice creation window.

If you want to send an invoice to a customer, either to simply update them on your progress or as a draft, you can create a Pro Forma invoice. Pro Forma invoices do not count towards the invoice limit or affect the client's balance you can send an unlimited number of these until you are comfortable with sending the final copy.

To upgrade your Billings Pro Subscription check out our pricing and plans and find a plan that fits your business needs.

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