Using the Daylite Startup Option Keys

There are two startup commands that you can use with Daylite which will change how Daylite will start. This article goes over these commands and gives examples of when you may want to use it.

Prevent Auto Login

To Prevent Daylite from automatically logging into your database, hold down the Command-Shift-Option keys when launching Daylite.

This is particularly useful with troubleshooting problems when logging into your database and/or you would like to log into another user or the sample database. This will not prevent automatic login next time Daylite is launched.

Clear Display State

To clear the display state hold down option when logging in. This will

  • Close all previously opened tabs
  • Open Daylite in the default display state at the home screen

This is useful when troubleshooting startup or crashing issues on login.

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