What Access Levels exist for workers in Billings Pro

A worker can have one of 3 access levels in Billings Pro:


This gives the user access to manage workers in the system. For cloud users, admins can manage the plan and billing information in control panel. Admins have access to Billings Pro Mac, Billings Pro for iPhone and iPad, and Timecard. Admin users also receive account related emails for cloud customers.

Full User:

This gives the user access to Billings Pro Mac, Billings Pro Touch and Timecard.

This option is ideal for managers, executives, partners, and colleagues who need to access Billings Pro for client management, invoice creation, and reporting.

Controlled/Limited Access:

Workers access is limited to Timecard and they will be able to create timed, expense, and mileage slips for projects assigned to them by a full or admin user.

This option is ideal for employees who are just doing time tracking, or for contractors who you want to track time and expenses on projects.

This is also ideal for workers on non-mac devices to track time in your Billings Pro system.

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