Daylite Cloud Storage FAQ

How Much Storage Do I Have?

With Daylite Cloud, you get a 2GB of data storage per user which is used to store the files that you attach the database. This storage is pooled and shared among all users. The number of records in your database, like the number of Contacts, Appointments Tasks etc. does not count towards this drive space.

For example, if you have 5 users in your database, you share a pool 10GB that you can use to store files in Daylite.

*When on the free plan, you receive 100MB of storage total

How Do I Check How Much Storage Is Being Used?

To check how much storage is being used on the account, Admins can go to Account Manager and choose Plan & Billing.

To check In Daylite, navigate to Daylite > Preferences > Cloud > Manage Account. Account Manager will launch in your browser. Choose Plan & Billing.


A web browser window should launch your Daylite Cloud Account Manager page. From there, you can click on Plan & Billing to view your available File Storage.

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What Happens If I Run Out or Data Storage?

When the storage limit is approaching, the administrator of the account will get notified. When this occurs, no additional attachments can be added until additional storage space has been purchased.

Purchasing Extra Storage

The Account Admin can purchase additional storage in 20GB increments, which is also shared among all users. To purchase more storage, go to Account Manager and choose Plan & Billing.

USD $50 $5
EUR €50 €5
CAD $50 $5
AUD $70 $7
GBP £40 £4

Prices listed are in 20GB increments

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